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The Study of the financial effects of divorce on Iran’s Law

Mohammad Reza Marandi, Mojtaba Rahmani


publishes papers devoted to quantitative social science research and methodology.

Articles which illustrate the use of quantitative and qualitative methods to empirically test social science theory will be accepted.

The journal emphasizes research concerned with subjects or methods that cutting edge in traditional disciplinary lines.

Special consideration is given to methods that have been used by only one particular social science discipline, but that may have application to a broader range of areas with an ultimate goal of testing social science theory.

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Review the provisions of inheritance in artificial insemination in jurisprudence and Iranian law

Mohammad Reza Marandi, Hafez Hasanzadeh


Crime of destruction of public and state-owned properties in Iranian law

Zabih-Alah Khansha, Samad Tavakolie Zanghir


Studying the role of lands reforms in possession of endowed properties

Esrafil Amani Isalu, Alireza Lotfi

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JSSHR provides quantitative and qualitative articles with world standard methods that have scientific and practical contributions. Obviously, articles must ultimately have a problem-solving approach to human and societal conditions and increase our understanding of social complexities. Below, the general areas of the journal are shown.

Social Work, Social Psychology, Women’s Studies, Psychology, Political Science, Cultural Studies, School Counseling, Family Counseling, Education, Social History, Learning Studies, International Relations, Social Embeddedness, Humanities, Human Geography, Exceptional Children Studies, Public Administration.


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