Research Hub LLC publishes three journals to improve the understanding of theory, empirical outcomes, implications for the public, and industry in the field of Management & Accounting, Social Science & Humanities, and Engineering & Technology.

Each of Research Hub LLC’s three journals broadly contributes to this purpose with regarding particular scholarly perspectives.

Articles in Research Hub LLC journals are confirmed as scientifically credible and valid through the two blind-review processes. Subject experts in each discipline review manuscripts submitted by scholars for relevance, quality, and adherence to Research Hub LLC, academic, and industry standards. Our journals advance management and industry research and are an essential resource for students, academics, and technician professionals interested in the latest research and industry trends.

Of course, it should be noted that Research Hub LLC intends to expand the scope of journals and publishers and make a new contribution to the process of publishing the ideas of researchers and scientists. Hence, it declares its full readiness to collaborate with professional publishers.