Find Journal

    In order to find the best journal for publishing your paper, match your research area with the journal’s list, read the journal’s aims and scope to make sure it is accommodated, and choose one of them. Then, click on its homepage to find a detailed description and the instructions for authors.

    Research Hub LLC publishes articles in three fields including Management and Accounting, Engineering, and Social and Humanities research. As a whole, Journal of Social Science and Humanities Research (JSSHR) is desired to publish articles for solving problems in the field of human and societal research and decreasing social complexities while Journal of Research in Science Engineering and Technology (JRSET) is ready to publish a variety of articles with valid methodology in all engineering disciplines and societal research and decreasing social complexities.

    Finally, Journal of management and accounting studies (JMAS) is interested in theoretical research articles with significant contributions in Management and Accounting


Prepare Your Paper

    It is very important that you consider the special “guideline for authors” of the journal to which you are submitting. This can be found on the journal’s home page. Also, you can download our guidelines as a PDF which is available at the following link.

Submit Your paper

    You can submit to Research Hub LLC journals using the “Submit Your Paper” link on your journal’s homepage. Once submitted, your paper will be considered by the Chief-in-Editor and if it passes the initial Instructions, it will be sent to anonymous reviewers. Research Hub LLC select and publish high standard articles through a peer-review process and open access strategy. To achieve this goal, the reviewing process must be fair, accurate, and the same for everyone. Certainly, mutual trust is the result of justice in reviewing and accuracy in work. Developing clear ethical principles that can be effective for potential issues between authors, reviewers, and editors will increase the journal’s credibility and reliability in the future. For this reason, effective ethical principles are drawn for the Research Hub LLC’s Journals that meet the needs of authors when submitting a manuscript, peer reviewers, and editors to prepare and publish it. All authors, reviewers, and editors are encouraged to read codes of ethics and contact us at if they have any questions or concerns.

Receive Revise

    If your paper is not rejected, most likely be asked to revise it. You will have the opportunity to improve your paper by considering the reviewer’s and the editor’s insight. Also, you will be able to respond to reviewer comments and signal where you disagree with them.

Track Your paper

    You can track your submitted and accepted paper. For persuing the status of your paper, please use the “Track paper ” link on your homepage.

Share the Paper

    Now that your article is published, you can share it to achieve a bigger impact on your research. Sharing research with a wider audience makes you more visible in your field. This helps you get cited more, and move forward in your career. We will appreciate you if you share your accepted paper on scientific social networks like LinkedIn.