Good opportunity for adaption

Great crises are a good opportunity for big changes. Corona-virus is the most important market event and business environment after the financial crisis in the last decade. Today, companies’ physical access to their customers has been greatly diminished, and perhaps the sales function has suffered the most in this epidemic. Many salespeople were fired. In […]

Coopetition as a strategy

During the corona epidemic, one of the ways suggested by researchers is to use a strategy of cooperation with competitors called coopetition. This Business to Business marketing strategy refers to the sharing of knowledge and capability between two companies that are in the same industry or other industries. Certainly, companies have less access to organizational […]

consumer behavior in corona virus period

The corona virus changes customers’ shopping habits, and this can be beneficial or detrimental to some businesses. Today, shopping is not easy in the past, and health protocols have reduced the rate of physical entry of customers into shops and malls. Certainly, customers, like sellers, are not satisfied with this new position. They only have […]

Attention to stakeholders

Corona-virus pandemic shows us again how our business needs resilience. Our business must be prepared for any changes and reconfigure product lines. Sudden changes are a test of firm’s resiliency, emphasizing that we cannot do everything alone. Today, despite all the guidelines that may prevent us from selling, we can define the company’s success in […]

The role of Editor-in-Chief

The journal Editor-in-Chief is the decision-maker and responsible for all activities after the manuscripts are submitted. The manuscripts that reach the chief-in-editor are sent to the reviewers after the initial review. Of course, many journals have an editorial board team that assigns articles based on experience and primary review before submitting it to the reviewer. […]

Scholarly Academic Journals

Research Hub welcomes suggestions for new journals that can expand its publication range. If you wish to establish a new journal, please submit a brief proposal of no more than 1000 words to Research Hub. The proposal will be evaluated and once it is accepted, Research Hub will start its cooperation with you immediately on […]

What is Peer review?

What is Peer review? Peer review is a process by which publishers measure the standards of submitted manuscripts by their predetermined criteria in each field. Many journals today, despite the amount of time, money, and energy spent on the process, prefer to take responsibility for their publications by knowledge acquisition from experts and reviewers in […]

Open access

Open access is an opportunity for all readers to be able to read scientific content freely and unrestrictedly and to become acquainted with the latest methods and results in each field. Researchers can also freely convey their information to their audience and enjoy more readability without restriction. Open source articles save a lot of time […]

Editorial Policies

  UCT Journals General Policies The UCT Journals is publishing by Research Hub, which aims to publish scientific journals. It is supported by a wide spread committee members. Editors are appointed by the president of UCT Journals after consultation with the council of the nominated members. The associate editors and the editorial advisory board members […]

Editorial Boards

Each journal, depending on its size and capacity, works with other associates and scholars to advance its objects. According to the hierarchy of editing, after the chief-in-editor, the Associate editor is who, by delegating certain tasks, follows up the affairs of the journal. Associate editors can usually help chief-in-editors, depending on their expertise or characteristics […]