The Writing of Abstract

The abstract is the most visited part of the article that people can view for free. the abstract is a separated part of the paper and shows information about the introduction, research questions, methodology, results, and recommendations. Therefore, readers should be correctly aware of the main content of the whole article by reading a 150- […]

The Importance of Literature Systematic Review

The systematic review is a style of paper writing that explains the contradictions, differences, gaps, and directions of future studies by searching for and identifying related articles on a specific topic. Numerous empirical research ideas come from literature systematic review articles because they examine a large volume of articles over a period of time based on unique […]

Journal Selection

At the end of the survey process, it is time to choose a journal article to publish your scientific achievements. Choosing the right journal will bring your content better to the target audience, and your scientific result will be placed alongside other similar results, making it easier for the readers to access that topic. The […]