Great crises are a good opportunity for big changes. Corona-virus is the most important market event and business environment after the financial crisis in the last decade. Today, companies’ physical access to their customers has been greatly diminished, and perhaps the sales function has suffered the most in this epidemic. Many salespeople were fired.

In the post-Corona era, the use of technology-based sales tools is a way of survival. Sharma et al. (2020), in their paper at industrial marketing management, indicate that sales units need resilience more than other units, and they need to operate adaptively in sales methods, scale, and technology. The use of technological tools, especially in the sales and delivery system to customers can make a significant contribution to advancing sales performance compared to competitors. As a result, the resilience of the sales unit can be achieved by providing products and services in technological tools and communication through applications.

Also, salespeople need to adapt and learn and master these tools to provide enough information to customers for making decisions. Flexibility can extend to individuals and structures. In the Corona pandemic, remote systems guide employees and customers simultaneously. So as consumer behavior changes, so we must adapt our tools.


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