At the end of the survey process, it is time to choose a journal article to publish your scientific achievements. Choosing the right journal will bring your content better to the target audience, and your scientific result will be placed alongside other similar results, making it easier for the readers to access that topic.

The closest step to choosing a journal is to look at the list of bibliography references. There you will find out which journals have published the most papers according to your topic.

You can make a list of related journals and then go to the site of each of them. The most important thing is reading the journal mission. It specifies what the journal’s scope. The editor’s words will certainly be very helpful. And reviewing newly published papers can keep you informed of the current orientations of a journal. Many journals may have published articles in the past that they are no longer willing to cover today. Journals sometimes call for papers in the form of special issues that can publish your articles in less time. In any case, it is possible to determine the relevance of the subject of the article to the goals of the journal by visiting the website.

Choosing the right journal can greatly reduce the rejection rate of the article and save the author’s time.

After selecting the journals you want, make sure they are properly reputation. There are many ways to check the validity and quality of journals, such as the Association of Business Schools (ABS), and the Australian Business Deans Council (ABDC) list. For example, ABS lists journals by 1, 2, 3, 4, 4*. It is natural that the higher the score of the journal, the more credibility and acceptance it has.

You should remember that each journal has its own writing guidelines and rules that you should pay attention to before submitting your papers. Paying attention to the structure of the journal in the title, abstract, main body, conclusion, reference style, tables and diagrams can be a reassurance for the chief-in-editor that the author has chosen the journal correctly and has a positive image in his mind brings.




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